Union Pacific Railroad  -  Seattle, WA

The Remodeling

The Demolition

This job was a multiple phase renovation of a 50-year old facility at the Union Pacific Railroad Intermodal Operations Facility in Seattle, WA. The building is 10,000 SF and required that all rooms receive a major face-lift including drywall (taped, textured, painted) over old metal/vinyl panels, HVAC system upgraded to individual room comfort, new energy efficient LED and T5 lighting, all new plumbing fixtures, new tables, casework, coin-flex PVC non-skid flooring, private changing rooms, lockers, benches, ceilings, doors and hardware.  In addition the facility was being converted from a tower observation operation to a high-tech video operation in a new Yardmaster console room of fully coordinated multiple screen monitors; this involved the demolition of the tower but not its electronics and converting the remainder of that structure to a single-story building.  ALL this work being done while the facility was in full operation.

​Tower renevations

Locker Room Remodeling

The Finished Product